To make a long story short, I had a great running workout on Wednesday:                 400 Intervals-Strong!

After taking a day off yesterday, I expected to have a great follow-up performance today.  Boy was I in for a shock!  It was miserable in every way.   I ran worse than I did two weeks ago, then staggered into my office, sat down, and nearly fell asleep!

Once my head cleared, I started questioning what could have gone so horribly wrong.  My first thought was that my good run was later in the afternoon, and maybe that’s just a better time of day for me.  But then when I thought about it a little more and dug a little deeper, I think I might have uncovered the problem.

Today my run came over 5 hours after my last meal (breakfast) which today consisted of 2 pieced of dry wheat bread and some milk in my coffee.  Wednesday I ran a couple of hours after a good lunch.  I have a sneaking suspicion the fuel tank was just empty today.

I’ve written articles about nutrition and performance, so I know better.  From now on I’m going to start keeping better track of what and when I’m eating before I run.  I really don’t want a repeat of what happened today.

For anyone looking for more information on eating and running, I’ve included a link to a good article from the New York Times below:

Running Low on Protein


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