Cross-Country Cross-Training

The Napa High School cross-country team has been coming into HealthQuest  (Thursdays between 1-4pm) to do one day of cross-training.  They are either swimming, biking, or using the elliptical machines to take a day off from running while still getting an effective cardio workout.

The genesis of this arrangement began last spring during track season.   Kurt Ruegg, an elite runner and HQ member,  had an injury that prevented him from running.  So for several weeks he used the Club to maintain his fitness level.  He then returned to the track without missing a beat.  After seeing how effective this cross-training was for Kurt, the Napa High cross country coach wanted to offer this benefit to his entire Varsity squad.

The team had their first competition of the season, and they posted some very impressive times:  Cross Country Results

Kurt started his senior season off with a bang, topping 200+ other Varsity runners and setting a new course record.  His time  for the three mile run (with hills!) was a blistering 15:41.  That’s an 11.5 mph pace for those of you who pay attention to those things…very impressive!


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