Food Diaries on Steroids

food_diary_0710There is plenty of evidence that writing down everything you eat in a journal will help you lose weight.  A study published last month by Kaiser Permanente showed that dieters who kept food diaries lost twice as much weight as those that didn’t.

Here is a writer from Time magazine telling how keeping a journal helped her shed a few extra pounds: How Food Diaries Work

In recent weeks I’ve run across several blogs that have taken this concept to the extreme.  Not only do they chronicle every morsel they put in their mouth and publish it for the world to see, but it comes with full-color photos!  That’s right, every day, every meal, every granola bar, each bunch of grapes is dutifully photographed and uploaded to the web.  Here’s an example:   The Fitnessista

Obsessive?  Yeah, maybe a little bit.  But that’s one way to be sure that your food choices are conscious decisions and not just mindless grazing.  If weight control is an important issue to you, keeping a food diary may be a tool you want to employ.


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