Hogzilla is on the Loose

funny-pictures-ugly-hog-1J7I was the first one to arrive at the Club this morning, and I noticed that there was quite a bit of litter scattered around the parking lot.  So as I’m picking this debris up, I make an interesting discovery…most of it seems to be the handiwork of one person, a person I now call Hogzilla.

His/her signature is a doubled-up coffee cup…I found six of them!  So not only is Hogzilla a resource pig that needs two of our cups to keep their precious beverage warm, but then  he/she/it proceeds to bypass all of our trash containers and toss their garbage on the ground when they get outside.  Nice!

That’s it, Hogzilla, we’ve had enough and we’re on to you.  I have alerted the staff and we are going to track you down.  So if you happen to be a double-cupper and notice some inquisitive stares coming your way, now you know why.  We’re on a mission…Hogzilla must be stopped!


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