“Soda Tax” Goes Flat

Taxing sugar-laden beverages was one idea considered as part of the government’s reform of the health care system.  It would work much the same way as the taxes on tobacco; the resulting higher prices would curb consumption and the taxes could be used to fund programs aimed at increasing nutrition awareness and fighting obesity.

But it doesn’t look like anyone in Washington wants to fight this battle, at least not right now.  Neither the House or Senate bills have included a “soda tax” in their proposed legislation:  Soda Sales Tax Article

Here’s an amusing excerpt from the article:  “Taxes on soda aren’t new — 33 states charge sales tax on soft drinks. But generally they are fairly small, with the average soda tax rate being 5.2 percent. On a 12-ounce can of soda that costs $1, that translates to about 5 cents.” Thanks for the help with that complicated math equation!!!

A few weeks back we asked what you thought about taxing sugary snacks and beverages.  That poll is still open, and you can “weigh in” with your opinion here:  Poll: Junk Food Tax


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