Friday Food Funny

Having teenage sons, I have heard of some of the “off-the-menu” creations at places like In-n-Out Burger.  It started with the protein-style burger, a low-carb option that comes without a bun,  and instead wraps the burger in lettuce.  They also sell a 4X4 burger, which is basically four meat patties on a single bun.

Of course even that isn’t enough of a junk food challenge for today’s youth, and they’ve taken to marrying two of these monsters together and creating an 8X8 burger.  My oldest son can proudly say that he earned his place among the gluttons that have finished one of these giant sandwiches.

But when it comes to creativity, there’s a clear-cut winner in the “off-the-menu” fast food sweepstakes.  Leave it to today’s youth to create an item that combines large portions, great value, and a vulgar yet fitting name.  Behold the McGangBang:

mcgangbang Yummy!!!  This unnatural combination and creative manipulation of two items off the value menu (McChicken sandwich & double cheeseburger) fills you up cheap, only two bucks.  And it’s a cheap thrill to confound McDonald’s workers, most of whom have never heard of this nutritional nightmare!

You can read the entire history of this sandwich, see lots of videos, and get a few laughs here:  The McGangBang Story


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