Friday Food Fright

The Double Down

The Double Down

This one comes to us from those good people at KFC (don’t tell anyone, but the “F” stands for fried).  They’ve studied the market, and they’re betting that although the public talks a lot about having healthier fast-food choices, American diners can’t seem to get enough calories and artery-clogging grease in their meals.

So KFC is test marketing a new sandwich (is it still a sandwich if there’s no bread?).  Bacon, cheese, and a special sauce slathered between two pieces of fried chicken…behold the Double Down.  No word yet on how many calories and fat in this beauty, but add fries and a milkshake and even the most ravenous appetite for junk food should be satisfied for an hour or two.
UPDATE: April 2010—The Double Down is coming to a KFC near you!  Here are the details and the nutritional data: Double Down Update
I’ve also included a link to vegansaurus who has created a tongue-in-cheek? vegetarian version of the sandwich.  Warning, NSFW language on this site.


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  2. tonygiov

    Update: KFC is rolling this product out nationwide on April 12th. Nutritional data can be found here:

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