It’s Smart to Drink Water

smartwaterAccording to the headline of this article, people who drink a lot of water tend to have healthier diets than people who consume other beverages:  us_water_drinkers

The article goes on to explain that there is no proof that drinking water is going to turn you into a better eater, only that there is a connection between the two practices. 

Despite what the article suggests, I find it rather unlikely that drinking water is going to  increase your appetite for healthier foods.  

Something tells me they have this backwards.  Don’t most people who are trying to be healthy know that it’s important to get most of your fluids from water?  Isn’t this simply a case of healthy eaters making water their beverage of choice?


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  1. I think you make a very valid point! It’s definitely more likely that the connection is due to the fact that health-conscious individuals are more likely to consume large amounts of water (in an effort to be healthy), than water consumption leading to healthy eating. Perhaps the article was sponsored by Smart Water or Aquafina? 🙂

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