I Dare You

Last night I happened across this blog:  Chasing the Now.   The author is a recent college grad (journalism), a newlywed, and she just moved to Japan.  Here is how she describes her blog:

Chasing the Now is about taking life one day, one hour, one minute, and even one second at a time. It is about not dwelling on the past, nor fretting about the future, but instead focusing on the present. This blog is a little bit of everything tied together–it’s about me, my life, my journey to be the healthiest I can be, both physically and mentally, and the winding roads and curving paths that ultimately allow me to reach my goals.

In one of her most recent posts, she outlines a game that she has created:

Once or twice a week I will post a dare (something fun and health/fitness related) for readers to consider. If you accept my dare, once you have done whatever the dare requires, leave a comment letting me know you have accepted the challenge (include a link to your blog post if you write about it) and I’ll send some link-love in the direction of those brave souls who complete the challenge!

Her first dare is an easy one— create a list of goals for November.  Great idea!  Short term goals are an important part of any workout plan.  They break broader resolutions into more manageable pieces and help us stay motivated.  I know that since my last track competition earlier this month I have lost some of my focus.  I won’t compete again until next spring, so there’s been an emotional letdown these last few weeks.  Some short-term goals may be just what’s needed to get re-energized.

I would encourage anyone who reads this blog to join me and to write down your list of goals for the next month.  Staying focused through November and December is tough.  But if you can stay on track you will be way ahead of the game when January rolls around.  Here’s my list:

  1.  add more protein and good fat to my diet (all the running has made adding muscle and maintaining energy levels difficult)
  2.  add deadlifts to my workout (I’ve never been a fan, but they are universally recognized as one of the best multi-chain exercises you can do)
  3. produce the “Seventh Step” video I’ve been thinking about and put it up on my blog (it’s a  fun jumping goal…can’t really explain it…you’ll have to watch the video!)
  4. attempt to run a sub-6 minute mile (this has been a part of my training for the last several months, and it’s quite the challenge for my walnut-sized lungs–I’ve always been a sprinter and have never in my life run a mile this fast)

You’ve still got a couple of days to put your own list together.  Make it specific, measurable, and reasonable.  Remember we only have 30 days in November–let’s make the most of them!


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