You’re Tickin’ Me off!

Gym pet peeves…we’ve all got our share.   Locker room exhibitionists, cell phone yakkers, excessive perfume wearers, sweaty people who don’t wipe up after themselves.  There are a myriad of ways our fellow exercisers find to get on our nerves, and I found this extensive list on the PeerTrainer forums site.  Here’s a few of the more entertaining posts:  

I’ve got the ultimate grunter at my gym – on a par with Monica Seles, but the kicker is he’s only on a freaking elliptical!  Dear god, this same ridiculous man also cheers himself on for the last 5 minutes of his stint on the machine in a way that sounds an awful lot like wake-the-neighbors sex: “oh yeah! that’s it! go go go, almost there baby! yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, bring it home!”
I’m peeved by people staking out large amounts of real estate at the gym – draping their towels over one bench, putting their water bottle on the incline bench all while using the ball NEXT TO the benches. Out of courtesy I asked a woman, “Are you using this (unused!) bench?” She quickly moved over from what she was doing and said, ‘Yes.’ Then she moved both benches together as if to say, “MINE!” Grrrrr…..

“i have no problems w/ sweaty non-wipers or cellphone yakkers at my gym. but my pet peeve is the gym mirrors make me look about 20 lbs heavier than my mirror at home…”

Usually these peeves have a direct effect on us–we’re bothered by smells, distracted by sounds, or someone else just gets in our way or disrupts our plans.  It’s easy to see why these things irritate us.   But it’s interesting how we can sometimes let what other people are doing bother us, even when it plainly has no impact on us at all.

I know that I have an issue with people who, for lack of an official term, I will label “show-off cheaters”.  These are the guys that load massive amounts of weight on a machine and then use incredibly poor form to do their reps.  Sure, it looks impressive when you put 1000 pounds on the leg press machine…but who are you really fooling when you only lower it 3 inches.  Here’s an idea—cut the weight in half and press through the full range of motion!

So what about you?  Anything entertaining or unusual that your fellow HealthQuest members do that you find irritating?  Here’s your chance to rant, let’s here it!



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