Attn. Scrooges: More Giving = Better Living

We’ve all been told that it’s better to give than to receive, and now there’s research to back it up.  Studies have shown that gift giving, volunteerism, and other altruistic pursuits deliver a “helper’s high” and better health.  People who shift from a preoccupation with their own problems and take the initiative to help others have fewer stress hormones, are better able to deal with chronic pain, and are less likely to die.  You can read more here in this New York Times article.

At Healthquest we have two easy ways you can help others this holiday season.  Once again we have our “Angel Tree” in the lobby.  The angel ornaments represent underprivileged children here in Napa.  You can select an ornament, shop for that child, and then bring your unwrapped gift back here to place under the tree.  The program runs through December 15th, and always does a wonderful job of assisting local families in need.

The second option is the Operation: Love from Home project, and we have their red, white, and blue barrel stationed right by our front entry.  The goal of this group is to collect and then distribute items to our troops overseas.  They want small, travel size or resealable items…there is a complete list of suggested items that you can pick up next time you’re here.  If you prefer to shop now, some of the preferred things on the list are are gum, ramen noodles, Gatorade packets, boot socks, pens, AA & AAA batteries, and ziplok bags.

HealthQuest is pleased to be able to assist these two worthy causes, and to make it convenient for our members to assist others in need.    These are hard times for a lot of people, so anything you can do to help out will be greatly appreciated.   Give what you can, and see how much better it makes you feel.


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