Pool Progress

Almost Full!

The work on the lap pool has been completed and we are currently in the process of refilling it.  As of 8 a.m. Sunday morning it has about a foot to go, and once it is full, we can turn on the heater.  Depending on weather conditions it will take a few days to bring the water up to normal operating temperature.  If there are no unforseen delays, we hope to have it ready for use a couple of days ahead of schedule.  Updates will be posted in the Club and on our Facebook page.

Steve Viscia and the crew from Aztech Pool Plastering have done a wonderful job.  The coping stones, perimeter tile, and all lane markers and targets have been replaced.  They also raised the anchors for the lane lines and got them into their proper positions.  They had a crew of 8 men in the pool Saturday morning getting the plastering finished so we could get it filled over the weekend. 

Part of the 8-man plastering crew

We were also able to save some time by filling the pool from our fire hydrant instead of using regular hoses.  There was a substantial fee involved in having the City come out and put a temporary meter on the hydrant, but we wanted to get the pool back in operation for our members as quickly as possible.

Making the water meter spin

You should really come out and see it in person to appreciate how good it looks.  Maybe you should pencil a “polar bear” swim on your calendar for New Years Day!


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