Selecting a Serving Size

Last week I pointed out some of the misleading information manufacturers are putting on food labels.  There was also some information about breakfast cereals.  Today I’ve got an article that neatly combines the two, and discusses the portion sizes that are used on food labels.

If you’ve ever measured out a “suggested serving” of breakfast cereal (3/4 cup) or fought for your share of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (4 servings) you know that these portions are can seem unrealistic.  Many of our drinks and snack foods are packaged for individual consumption with more than one “official” serving inside.

The USDA is considering making changes to food labels, and increasing the serving size is one of the thinks that’s been proposed.  What do you think…will this give people a truer picture of the calories they’re consuming, or just a license to eat more?  Read the article and share your thoughts.


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