Obesity Prevention Starts Early

Here are a couple of interesting articles, especially to any new mothers (or mothers-to-be) out there. 

The first suggests that children’s food preferences are imprinted early in life, even in the womb.   If the mother makes healthy food choices, the child is more likely to seek out those same flavors later in life.  The full article can be found here.

The main point of the second article is that the path to a lifetime of obesity starts at a very young age.    A study of more than 100 obese children and teenagers found more than half were overweight by 24 months of age, and 90% were overweight by the age of five.

The obesity study also discusses eating behaviors, and notes that food preferences may be set as early as two years of age.  This is what makes reversing bad habits so difficult later in life.  A child who has been raised on processed foods will often have an appetite for nothing else.


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