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As I was reading the Napa Valley Register yesterday I noticed this announcement about a book signing that’s taking place at a local art gallery tomorrow evening.  It caught my eye because the author, who was a prominent local caterer, said that she advocates a “cave-man” diet for optimum health.

I recently read the book The Paleo Diet and believe that it contains a lot of good information.  I’ve also seen that following a strict paleo eating plan would be very challenging.  Eliminating all agriculture-based foods (dairy, grains, fatty meats, added salt) from your diet is a huge shift, and it eliminates many of our most common staples (bread, rice, potatoes).

There were quite a few recipes in The Paleo Diet book, but nothing that was tempting enough to make me give it a try.  So I thought it might be interesting to see what someone who made a living by cooking in our food-centric valley could do to make the caveman diet a little more palatable.

I looked up her website, Cuisine for Whole Health, to see if I could get additional information.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much to see–the Recipes for Whole Health tab only listed two entries.  It was enlightening though, to see how a professional develops full, rich flavors even with the limitations of paleo ingredients.

She cheats…a lot.  The main recipe, a roasted chicken, uses a full stick of butter, brown rice flour, and is liberal with the salt.  Sorry, that’s not caveman, it’s not even close.  The second recipe is for baked eggs, and along with the aforementioned butter and salt, it adds a healthy liberal dose of whipping cream.   Seemingly the only nod to the paleo diet is that she suggests that the chicken and eggs be “pastured or range-fed”.

Judging by her website, she seems to be more into “sustainable” practices and organic vegetables than anything else.  Her mention of the caveman diet in her press release seems to be more of an add-on idea to seem trendy and sell more books.       

The recipes do sound like they’d be tasty, but they definitely don’t fall into the paleo category. And if those are the best ideas of foods for “whole health” she can come up with, I think that’s one book I will be skipping.


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