Cheap Eats

There are plenty of things to blame the obesity epidemic on–larger portions, cuts to PE programs, more snacking, etc., etc.  But there’s one excuse I constantly see referenced that I just don’t understand…that somehow it’s cheaper to go out and eat fast food than to cook healthy meals.  Says who?  Why do reporters just accept this statement and report it as a fact?

Sure, if you’re going for Kobe beef and organic veggies you can run up quite a tab.  But good, healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive.  And unlike the aforementioned reporters, I’ll give you proof.   Cheap Healthy Good is a website, that as its name suggests, seeks to deliver tasty and nutritious meals at bargain prices.  It blows the “cheaper to eat fast food” argument completely out of the water.

In one post, the author demonstrates what can be done with a roasting chicken, some planning, and a little creativity.    The result is 5 different recipes in four days that makes 17 meals  at a total cost of $1.52 per meal.  And they’re good-looking meals…no cop-outs like chicken quesadillas in the bunch!   That same buck-fifty might buy you a large Coke at your favorite fast-food eatery…you still want to tell me it’s cheaper to eat out?   

Eating healthy admittedly takes some  time and effort.  You need to plan ahead…you can’t just head to the nearest drive-thru every time you start to feel hungry.  But don’t kid yourself—you’re not saving any money and you’re definitely not doing your body any favors.

Obviously its easier to settle for junk  food, so if you want to tell me that you’re too busy or too tired to cook, that’s a different story.  Of course someone who’s more cynical might say you’re just lazy, but that’s a whole different argument for another time.


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