Monday Grab Bag

Get in line now, the Double Down (angina on a plate) will be available at KFC starting today.  And while we’re talking about bacon, here’s a link to an article about America’s love affair with the meat candy.

Who watched Jamie Oliver\’s Food Revolution this past weekend?  Were you shocked (NOT!) that Jamie was able to instantly convert his nemesis the radio DJ?  Were you amazed by how easy it is to cook a simple stir-fry (when someone else preps and measures all the ingredients for you)?  Doesn’t anyone else find it shockingly phony to see a man worth $60 million driving around in an old International Wagoneer?   Jamie may have won his “bet” on this reality show, but in the real world many are giving him a failing grade.

And speaking of fostering an image  (let’s wear scrubs every time we’re on TV!), “America’s Doctor” is taking shots for offering advice that is unsupported by science.  “Dr. Oz promotes unproven approaches such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, and to support them he cherry-picks studies that are positive and ignores the negative ones,” says Dr. Mary Ann Malloy, a nationally known Illinois-based cardiologist.  Oz fans might be wise to seek a second opinion.


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