Talented Teen

For as long as I can remember I’ve heard people complain that there’s nothing in Napa for teenagers to do.  While it’s true that the “commercial” options may be somewhat limited, that doesn’t stop some kids from staying busy.  In fact I’ve met plenty of young people who can’t seem to find enough time to pack everything they do into their schedule.  Rebekah Bunger is a perfect example of this.

Rebekah graduated from Napa High School in 2009 and is currently enrolled at Napa Jr. College.  She has worked part-time at HealthQuest in our swim school since 2008.  She is a volunteer coach for the NHS track team where she assists with the distance runners.  In her spare time she trains to run in marathons ( that will fill some time in your schedule!).  Here is Napa Valley Register article that describes her latest success at the Big Sur Marathon.

She is also the reigning Miss Napa County, and in November she will be vying for the title of Miss California.  Rebekah is raising funds for the Dick Beardsley Foundation.  She has set up a website if you would like to learn more about her endeavors or help support her cause.



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2 responses to “Talented Teen

  1. thanks tony! you are awesome!!

    xoxo -Rebekah

  2. thanks tony! you are awesome!!

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