In the final scene of the movie Rocky, after 15 brutal rounds of fighting, Apollo Creed is awarded the victory. Bloodied, battered, and exhausted, he’s in no shape to celebrate his triumph. He’s had all the punishment he can withstand, and he lets Rocky know that there “Ain’t gonna be no re-match”. After trying to get the financing in place for our expansion project for over a year, that scene sums up how I feel right now.

As you probably know, this has been one of the worst times to obtain business financing in decades. The whole economy is suffering, and banks have been reluctant to make any new loans. So even though we had a successful track record and a strong business plan, we were in for one hell of a battle. There were times when the whole process just seemed futile. We were right on the brink of victory earlier this year, but we got knocked back to the canvas. Someone didn’t like the fact that we included a unisex restroom in the design!

So we had to get up, dust ourselves off, and keep battling. Each step of the process, starting with the design, continuing through the permit process, and now with the financing, has taken longer than we expected. It’s now been just over four years since work first began on our plans. We’ve been bloodied. We’ve been battered. But finally, at long last, I am pleased to announce……WE……ARE…… VICTORIOUS!!

Construction is scheduled to begin immediately. Our plans call for us to complete the addition portion of the building first. We had the surveying and staking done earlier this summer, so work on the new foundation should be underway during the first week of August. Once we have moved into this new space, we will then go through the existing building and update it one area at a time.

Our goal is to stay open throughout the process and keep disruptions to our members at a minimum. We will be providing you with additional details in the near future, and there are a lot of things I look forward to telling you about. But first I’ve got to go put an ice pack on my face and get some stitches in my eyebrow. Man that was a tough fight!

You can learn more about the project, follow construction progress, and receive timely announcements about the work here on our blog. You can also keep up to date by following us on facebook.


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