STAGE ONE-A Wall Comes Down

As previously mentioned, our plans are to complete our 13,000 sq. foot addition and move into that space before we begin any major work on the existing building.  This will take a little longer than if we did everything at once, but it will allow us to keep disruptions to a minimum.  Every single area of the Club will be receiving upgrades during this process, so having the new space open will allow us more flexibility to move things around when areas have to be closed.

There will be one exception.  The wall between Studio 1 and the new addition needs to be shifted and rebuilt, and this is the very first thing that needs to be done.  In order to get as much work done as possible before the rainy season, we are starting this work immediately

Studio 1 will be closed for four days, from July 29th-August 1st, so that a temporary wall can be constructed.  There will be a modified schedule in Studio 2 on those days. 

Since Studio 1 will have slightly less floor space in this new configuration, the entire class schedule and the way the two studios are utilized will need to be modified.  There will be a new class schedule beginning on Monday, August 2nd.

While much of the new schedule will be unaffected, we did have to make some changes that are more substantial.  The biggest modification is the elimination of all Barre classes.  While we hate to drop a class that has proven to be very popular, the equipment that is used in the class just eats up too much floor space.  We plan to resurrect the class as soon as we move into the new, larger Studio 1 that is included in the addition.

The other big change will be the shift of all Spinning classes back into Studio 2.  Once again this is in an effort to increase the usable floor space in Studio 1.  We want to make sure that all of our most popular classes have the room they need and can accommodate as many students as possible.    With these changes Studio 1 will have about the same amount of usable space as it presently does.

We’ve had the bikes in Studio 2 in the past, and while it’s not an ideal situation, we believe we can put up with the inconvenience temporarily.   The good news is that there is a beautiful new cycling studio in the addition, and basketball will eventually be moving into what is presently Studio 1—a room that is considerably bigger and wider.   Studio 2 will then be opened up and made into additional weight training space.

We regret that our fitness class program participants will be disrupted during this transition stage.  The bright side is that in the long run they will likely see more benefit from the project than anyone else.  With four rooms available for instruction, including a tranquil space for Yoga and similar classes—plus the aforementioned cycling studio, the class program will be incredibly rich and diverse.


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