Construction Progress

Work continues on the southwestern corner of the building, where the new addition will connect with the existing structure.  On Monday (8/09)  the contractor will be sawcuttting the existing concrete on the deep end of the lap pool, which will be a noisy, dusty operation.  Because of this, we will not be opening the lap pool until 4pm that day and we are cancelling the 9 am Aqua Class as well.  We are sorry for this inconvenience; we are trying to keep these interruptions of service to a minimum, but there will be times when they are unavoidable.

Once the sawcutting and the removal of the old concrete and asphalt is completed, the activity level will be increasing.  The next step will be prepping for the foundation of the addition.  This will involve the removal and compaction of a lot of soil on the backside of the building.  There should not be any closures during this phase of the project, but with heavy equipment and lots of digging, there will obviously be some noise and dust.

The soil underneath the new building pad will also be treated with lime to aid in compaction.   This is a very common construction/agricultural product, but it can cause eye irritation in its dry form.   We will be mixing it with water before it is applied, and because of this precaution we do not anticipate that there will be any issues with its use.  We will post notices at the pool on the days that the soil is receiving this treatment, so anyone with a known sensitivity to the product can avoid it.

Also on the near horizon will be the addition of a new entryway for the Swim School.  This will require us to reroute some traffic around this area so we are holding off on this part of the project for a few more weeks to give the swim lesson program a chance to wind down. 

Their will be two other  major impacts on the pool area sometime later this fall/winter.  The pool equipment room (filters & heaters) needs to be shut down and rebuilt, and a large section of the roof overhang is being removed.  We will try to coordinate it so that these things happen at the same time so that the pools are only closed once instead of twice, but there will be several days when we will not be able to use the pools. 

We will always try to give as much advance warning as possible and keep these disruptions in service to an absolute minimum.  We appreciate your patience, and guarantee that you will be rewarded when you see the final product.


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