Taco Wars

Earlier this week I ran across an online article that talked about Taco Bell’s newest offering,  Cantina Tacos.   According to the fast food giant the tacos are “based upon authentic-style Mexican street tacos” and are served with chicken, carnitas or carne asada.  While there was nothing of much interest in the article itself, it did spark a lively debate in the accompanying comments section. 

There were quite a few posters who commented that there was no reason for them to ever try anything from Taco Bell.  They were convinced that for about the same price they could get much better food off of their local “taco truck”.  An equally opinionated group swore that they would never ingest anything that came off of a “roach coach”.

The most interesting argument that I read went something like this: Who do you trust more to make your food–an owner/operator whose livelihood rests on your satisfaction…or a disinterested minimum-wage employee who is assembling ingredients they get from a huge corporation that will do anything to trim costs?

Then in today’s Register they published this list of all of the food establishments in the valley that have had failing grades recently.  Apparently there are no hard and fast rules.  The list has both new restaurants and old standards that have been around for decades.  There’s a fair number of low-cost Mexican joints, but some of the trendiest names from upvalley are included as well.

Interestingly, there’s not a corporate fast-food place to be seen.  Apparently one advantage to being big is that your restaurant design and your training protocols are standardized and you get plenty of training on food safety.

So what’s your opinion?  If you’re looking for a quick, cheap meal where do you go—Taco Bell or taco truck?  There are a lot of trucks around town, do you have a favorite?


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