While our swimming pools aren’t undergoing any changes during the remodeling process, there will be a tremendous amount of work going on above and alongside them.   A sizable portion of the roof overhang is being removed, piping is being relocated, fencing and surface drains are being replaced, and our Swim School is receiving a new entryway.  Also, due to new fire codes, the pool equipment room, the Swim School office, and all of the other rooms in that area are being totally rebuilt.

Our initial plan was to to break this work up into smaller chunks and close down a pool (or pools) for a few weeks here, a month there, etc, etc.  But after carefully weighing all of our options (and seeing how much needs to be done) we have decided that it would be better to close down the pool area entirely and get the bulk of the improvements completed in one shot.  There are several reasons that we decided to go this route.  First and foremost is that it allows us to get the most accomplished in the least amount of time.   Rather than repeated starts and stops and time spent making temporary measures to get the pools reopened, this will allow us attack the job from several angles at once. 

The other problem with trying to piecemeal things is that there would be long periods where, although a pool might be open, your experience using it would likely be compromised.  There would be issues with noise, fumes, debris in the pools, and obstructed and rerouted walkways.  There’d also likely be many unplanned or short-notice emergency closures as well.  We’ve already seen how those problems can have a serious impact on our members’ enjoyment of the pools.   

Another reason that we have decided to go with this plan is that it allows us to schedule the closure during a slow time of year (we typically see low-usage in November & December).  Initially we were hopeful that this two-month time window would be sufficient.  But due to the amount of work that needs to be done (and days lost to Holidays and bad weather) we’re now not sure that this is possible.  So rather than risk being closed in January, we have opted to get the work started in October.

While we are sensitive to the fact that a long closure is horribly inconvenient for our regular pool users, there just isn’t any other option that makes any sense.    We all wish that there was some other way, but there just isn’t.   Once you see the extent of the changes that are taking place in that area we think you will come to the same conclusion.   You won’t like it any better, but at least you’ll understand.

We deeply regret putting our pool users through this long disruption, but there just isn’t going to be any way around it.  All we can do is ask for your patience and understanding, and guarantee that you’re going to be thrilled with all of the upgrades when they’re done. 

The closure will take effect October 4th, and we will do everything possible to have the pool area reopened before the New Year begins.

If you come to HealthQuest primarily to use the pools, you will be able to inactivate your membership and put it on “hold” while they are closed.   There will be no charge to you to do this; you’ll just need to fill out a form at the front counter.  If you choose to keep your membership active and use the other areas of the Club no adjustments to your dues can be made.


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