Avoiding the Death Ray

     Take a quick glance around my office and it’s quite apparent where my focus is right now.  There are blueprints on the wall, copies of floor plans covering my desk, files full of sketches and photos at my feet, and samples of wall and floor finishes scattered about everywhere.  Most of my day is spent doing everything I possibly can to make sure the new improved HealthQuest exceeds everyone’s expectations.

      In a general sense the finished project will still resemble what’s shown on the blueprints that are displayed in the lobby.  But a closer inspection will reveal that hundreds of changes have been incorporated into the design.  Some of these modifications are bigger than others, but all have been made with the same intent–to make visiting HealthQuest a better experience for our members.

     A tremendous amount of thought has gone into making sure things look great when they’re done.     But we’re also very focused on functionality and long-term performance.   We admittedly made some poor design choices 15 years ago when we opened this facility.    We’ve learned a lot since then, and are doing everything possible to avoid making similar mistakes again.

     We now have a much better understanding of how our facilities will be used (and abused).  We’ve identified the areas that need additional protection.  We’ve learned which materials hold up and which ones fail, where we need more room and where we can get by with less.    We’ve selected fixtures and finishes that we know will stand the test of time and keep the Club looking great for many years to come.

      No new design is ever perfect, but we’re doing everything we can to think through even the smallest details.  In an upcoming article I will chronicle some of the things we have planned.  In the meantime, I’m providing this link to an article about a new hotel in Las Vegas that made a “glaring” mistake in the design process.  This gives a whole new meaning to “sitting around the pool and getting toasted”!


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