Instruments of Destruction

Let the digging commence!

While it’s not quite as bad as Berlin at the end of WWII, the construction process has created multiple scars upon our landscape.  Last week a larger gas line had to be installed from the street to the building along the northern edge of our parking lot.  This week it’s a new sewer line that runs from our southern entrance all the way back to the new addition.

Pete keeps his spas running amidst the destruction

In the meantime, work continues on rebuilding the rooms around the pool, where the office, bathroom, and equipment rooms are all being replaced from the ground up.  Trenches have also been dug to support the new entrance for our Swim School.  The site has been bustling with activity, and the heavy equipment that’s been brought in has made the jobs proceed quickly and relatively painlessly.

While the demolition phase of the project is a necessary evil, it’s nice to see some of the new upgrades start to take shape.  The biggest and most obvious of course is the new steel framework for the addition.  The rooms are all starting to take shape, and this week the decking for the second story and the roof get welded into place.  It won’t be long until the wall framing starts going into place.

In case you haven't been up Hwy. 29 recently...

Later this week the painters will be making their first appearance.  They’ll be bringing in an extension lift so that they can clean and repaint the ceiling over the fitness pool.  We were originally planning on resurfacing the entire pool deck during this time period, but the product that we’re going to use adheres better in warmer weather.  So that process may need to be delayed until next year sometime.

As you can see by what’s happened so far, you can’t rebuild without tearing down.  While that’s bound to lead to some temporary inconveniences, we know that it will all be worth it in the long run.  When we’re done the entire facility–inside, outside, parking lot, pools, landscaping–will all be as good as new, and considerably larger and better equipped too!


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