The building that now houses the Club was originally a building supply store.  It was basically just a big concrete box with a large overhang on one side.  Other than those flanking the entry door, there wasn’t a single window anywhere.  It was a dark and gloomy place.

Given the concrete walls and our limited budget, we didn’t change it too much when we moved in…but we were able to add some skylights and a few windows.  Those simple changes made a big difference…rooms were now bright enough that we could turn the lights off during the daytime hours.  The sunlight made everything look warmer and feel more inviting. 

So one of our goals when we started planning our remodel and addition was to do as much as we could to increase the amount of natural light entering the Club.   This was still a tricky proposition.  It isn’t a simple process to put windows in walls like ours, and finding good locations for them was even harder.  The views to the north aren’t worth seeing, there just isn’t any room on the east side, the overhang shades the south side, and the addition is being added on to the western wall. 

Given these limitations, we didn’t add many windows to the existing building.  There’s one large window in the northwest corner of the weight room, one window upstairs looking out over the pools, and a new glass-fronted cardio area over the main entrance.  But what we lack in windows we make up for with skylights…the plans call for installing 26 of them in the existing building! 

This flood of natural light will also be evident in the new addition as well.  It will receive 11 skylights, and three of these will be “jumbo”  models.  A pair of these will illuminate our new Studio 1.  The third will be used to create a two-story light well that will brighten up the waiting area that will serve the new Yoga Studio and “old” Studio 1.

There will also be plenty of windows in the addition…somewhere in the neighborhood of 40.   Most of these will look out to the western hills, but there will also be several on the east side overlooking the lap pool.   This space will be home to one of our new cardio areas, and we predict that this spot is going to be very popular! 

Both locker rooms will also be brightened up with large glass block windows.  In addition the men get a skylight over the spa area, while the women get eight high windows in their changing area.


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