Taking Shape

The first few months of our construction project consisted mainly of demolition and prep work–a lot was taking place but there wasn’t much to show for it.  Now things are getting a lot more exciting, as each week we see major changes that brings our long-awaited dreams closer to reality.

Concrete subfloor on the 2nd-story addition

The second floor now actually has a floor–six inches of lightweight concrete.  If you’re downstairs in the current wood-framed building and there’s a heavy-footed runner above you on a treadmill it’ll rattle your teeth.  The hollow space between the floor above and the ceiling below combine to do a pretty good impression of a drum.  We learned from that mistake!  This time a lot of time and effort have been spent to make sure noise doesn’t get transmitted from room to room.

Exterior walls are also going up, and all the openings for doors and windows are being framed.  Window location is a tricky business, especially in a Club.  It seems as though every decision is a balancing act and every room is different.   While windows are great for opening up rooms, bringing in light and opening up views, they also reduce privacy, let in glare, transmit noise, and reduce wall space.

Walls and windows going up fast!

I’m sure that we’ve driven our window contractor crazy, as that part of the design has seen a host of changes.  Sizes have been modified, locations have been added and dropped, and we’ve upgraded to noise-reducing glass in some of the more critical areas.  The latest change came in the new Yoga Studio, where we decided to move the windows up higher on the wall in order to give a more peaceful view and to provide more space for doing wall exercises.

The changes to the pool area buildings are also getting wrapped up.  The concrete has all been poured, the ceiling above the small pool has been cleaned and painted, framing is almost done, and rough electrical and plumbing are underway.  In the next few weeks we’ll see sheetrock, tile, and stucco as we race to have the pools re-opened in January as promised. 

So far the weather has been cooperating with us.  While we’ve gotten quite a bit of rain already this year, the majority of it has fallen at night and on weekends.  As long as that trend continues we’ll keep bringing you weekly updates that show substantial progress being made!


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