First Try…Sparks Fly!!!

Lap Pool Pumps...RIP

It’s been nearly 3 months since we closed down the pools for remodeling, and we’re now in the final stages of getting them ready to reopen. 

The pool equipment room, which houses all the pumps, filters and heaters, was completely rebuilt from the ground up…while all the equipment remained in place!  This was a very complicated and delicate operation, as we opted to keep the spas operational throughout the process.  I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun for anyone involved.

The sheetrock went up early last week, and the painter finished on Friday.  The final electrical connections were scheduled for today (Monday), so on New Years Day we were in there reconnecting plumbing so that everything would be ready to roll once they powered things up.  We knew that it would take several days to get the water heated up to its normal level, so we wanted to do everything we could to speed up the process.

As we were installing the new pipes it occurred to us that we didn’t need to wait until Monday to turn thing back on.  The equipment had all been hooked up to temporary power before the pool shutdown began, so we could use that to run things until the permanent connections were made on Monday.  That would give us two full days of heating and put us well ahead of where we thought we’d be in terms of reopening the pools.

When the time came to flip the first switch we were more than a little apprehensive.  Whenever you don’t use something with a motor for an extended period of time (boat, lawnmower, etc.) you always wonder whether it will start.  On  top of that, we’d watched numerous workmen scramble over, around, and on top of these pumps and heaters for 3 months.  We knew that the odds of everything working perfectly weren’t in our favor.

We tested the circuit breaker for the lap pool first.  The two pumps whirred to life just like they should…and then one of them expelled a shower of sparks!  So we disconnected that pump and tried it again.  As soon as the  remaining pump built up some pressure, water began spraying everywhere…bad gasket!  So that was it for the lap pool, both pumps had failed.

Undeterred, we moved on to the small pool, hopeful that we’d seen enough bad luck for one day.  That pool relies on a single pump, and when we turned it on it ran perfectly!  Not a single leak anywhere.  However when we opened the valve to let the water into the pool’s heater, it started gushing.  That was especially troubling, because that usually means a cracked manifold and a total replacement is in store for us.  GGGRRRRRR!

So today we have our pool equipment repairman coming to assess the situation.  The lap pool pumps aren’t a huge concern.  They’re easy to work on and parts are usually readily available.  The heater is another story.  If that needs to be replaced it will have to first be  located (hopefully someone has one in inventory) and then shipped in and installed.  That’s going to take some time.

We’re still shooting to have the pools ready for use by Monday the 10th, but that is all subject to how things play out today.  We’ll keep you posted and as soon as we have additional information we’ll let you know.


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