Raspberry, Lime, Orange…

While most areas of the Club won’t get their “makeover” until the addition has been completed, one existing room has recently been spiffed-up and is ready to greet our youngest visitors.  Over the past few weeks our child care area has received a thorough updating and has a radical new look.

The menagerie of cartoon animals and murals on the walls are gone.  The strange tree and nymphs have been painted over; perhaps some archeologist in the future will uncover them and try to decipher their meaning.   While they made the space cheerful and unique, after 15 years there were just too many patches and repairs showing.  It was time for a change.

The room now achieves its playful and one-of-a-kind look from a combination of textures and vibrant colors.  The labels on the cans say “Optimistic Yellow”, “Begonia”, “Sundance”, “Gleeful” and “Laughing Orange”, but if you can picture an explosion at a rainbow sherbet factory you won’t be far off!

While the new color scheme is the most obvious change, we also took this opportunity to make a number of other improvements to the space.  The bathroom received new floor-to-ceiling wall tile.  We added several new cabinets to eliminate clutter and give us more storage space.  The microwave was moved up into one of the cabinets to give us more counter space.  Electrical outlets were moved to higher and less accessible places.  The check-in area was enlarged and given a wider entry gate.  We also added a giant new chalkboard and put up a dedicated display area for the kids’ art projects.

We’re looking forward to applying this same attention to detail when we remodel the other areas of the Club in the upcoming months.  When we’re done there will hardly be a wall, floor, or ceiling that hasn’t been changed!


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