Sheetrock goes up and rooms take shape

The addition passed into a major new phase last week with the arrival of the drywall crew.  With the roof on and windows in, the interior of the building is now protected from the elements and can start receiving finishes.  The first step in that process is insulation and sheetrock.

What you don't see inside the walls

This is one of the most exciting stages in the building process.  While you get a feel for rooms during the framing process, it’s not until the drywall encloses the area that you get a true sense of the finished space.  It’s also one of the scariest times, because your opportunity to put thing in the walls (wiring, plumbing, etc.) or move them becomes much more of a problem.

We’ll also start to get a look at the exterior finishes very soon.  The new stucco colors will start going up on both the addition and on the rebuilt walls around the pool.  You may have already gotten a peek at the tile work around the Swim School Office that will eventually surround the Fitness Pool on both sides.  And there are portions of the building that will be enclosed in metal siding.  We’ve already received a lot of compliments on how good the building looks from Highway 29.  Once the new combination of colors and textures is in place we think you’re really going to be impressed.


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