Old TV blows out, so you put up a new one…nothing to it, right?

That was the situation I faced the other morning after the set upstairs carrying ESPN kicked the bucket.  I knew the task wasn’t quite as easy as it sounded; the set would need audio outputs in order to feed sound into the Cardio Theater, and not all TVs have that feature.

So later that morning I swing by Target North so see what I can find.  The first thing I notice is there are no more “box” type sets; everything’s a flat panel.  So I’m a little worried that our wall mounts won’t be compatible.   Oh well, no choice but to forge ahead.  So I start looking at their selection of 26/27″ sets, and can find nothing with the audio jacks that I need.

Next I hit Target South.  They have a set with the outputs, but it has a built-in DVD player, a feature I don’t really need or want to pay for, so I pass on that.   So then later that day I try WalMart…strike three.

I know my son is driving home from Sacramento the next day, so I have him swing by Best Buy.  They have a set, but it’s more expensive than the set with the DVD player at Target, so I tell him to try Costco instead.  There the clerk finds him a set and insists that it will work, so he buys it.  Upon arrival I check it out and see that it doesn’t have what we need, so it will have to be returned.

At this point the set with the DVD player is looking pretty good, so I head over Target North (since it’s closer) to pick one up.  They don’t stock that set, so it’s back to Target South and the purchase is  finally made.  We get the set back here, unpack it, and put it up…and it looks way too small compared to the other TVs.   It’s several inches shorter, I guess because it is wide-screen and the others are not.  So that’s not going to work.

Pack it up, head back to Target South, where hopefully I can find a 33″ set.  While I’m waiting in line to return the 27″ set I pull my wallet out so I will have my receipt ready.  NO RECEIPT!  Now I start panicking, because I distinctly remember putting it in there.  I’m rifling through my pockets as my turn at the counter comes.  My mind is racing; “did I already file the receipt?”  I didn’t think I had.

I couldn’t return the set without proof of purchase, so I headed back to my truck, trying to replay the events of earlier that morning.  “I must have left it in the truck” I thought to myself.  But a quick search of my vehicle turned up nothing.  “I guess I must have taken it into my office”, I tried to convince myself.

Another quick search of my office turned up nothing.  “I’m losing my mind” was all I could think.  I replayed the entire scene.  I purchased the set at the electronics counter and put the receipt in my wallet.  As I walked to the front of the store I remember thinking “I may have to show my receipt when I exit the store”.  I remember it was in one hand as I left the store, the TV was in the other (those flat panels are light!)

So where did it go from there?  Not in my pockets, not in my wallet, not in my truck…..oh yeah, I was wearing a coat this morning.  Headed outside to my truck, found my coat, and sure enough…there was my receipt! 

By now I had experienced more TV shopping than I could stand, so I asked my wife to return the set and see if she could locate a suitable replacement.  A short time later she sent me a message confirming that she had successfully completed the mission.  HURRAY!

All that was left was to install the set.  As I had originally feared, it wouldn’t fit into the old-fashioned wall mounts we had.  But with a couple of relatively simple modifications and a couple of holes drilled into the TV’s stand we were back in business.  Nothing to it.


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