Under the Big Top

Temporary Decor---Plywood & Plastic

It’s a busy morning on the job site, as work continues on several fronts.  Most noticeable to members using the Club is the large area in the center of the facility that is draped in black plastic.  Under this tent, which covers part of the weight room and a portion of Studio 2, major changes are taking place.  The walls and stairwell that used to separate these two spaces has been removed, and two large sections of concrete have been saw-cut and jack-hammered out (at night while the Club was closed, thankfully!).  Here they will place a new foundation to hold up the open walkway which will connect the 2nd story of the existing building to the 2nd story of the addition.

In the meantime our weight room has shrunken by a couple hundred feet.  While this has taken a little getting used to, everyone has been very understanding and is making the best out of a less than ideal situation.  The payoff is still a few months away, but upon completion all of what was Studio 2 (almost 1200 square feet) will be converted to weight room!

We’ve also had to adapt our class schedule to deal with the reduction is size to Studio 2.  We’ve turned that area into a dedicated Spin classroom, and it will stay that way until Spin moves into its brand new space in the addition.  That room is really taking shape now…windows are in, sheetrock is up, it really looks spectacular.

Work is continuing on the space that used to house (and will again eventually) our upstairs weight room.  It is getting a new dedicated air conditioning system, new sheetrock, paint and carpet.  We are going to use this space (temporarily) to hold some of our “quieter” classes like Yoga.  It’s small, but it seems like the best alternative we have right now.  The space will also give us additional room for stretching and doing abdominals whenever classes aren’t being held.

The offices that used to hold our chiropractor’s office and massage rooms have just about been completed.  Once they’re done several of our administrative offices will move in.  Most of the offices on the 2nd floor on the north side of the building will then be removed to make room for more cardio equipment.

While the game of musical chairs continues inside the existing building, steady progress continues out at the addition.  Most of the sheetrock in now up on the interior, and it won’t be long until finishes begin to be applied.  Most of the windows have all been installed on the exterior, and the new stucco finishes are now in progress.  The exterior will eventually sport three stucco colors and two different styles of metal panels.  This building started out as a simple concrete box and was downright ugly when viewed from the highway.  After this transformation is complete that will no longer be the case!


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