Bridging the Gap

The new bridge into the addition takes shape

Those of you who visit us in the mornings or early afternoons have undoubtedly heard all the banging and sawing going on underneath the plastic “big top” along the back wall.  Today I thought I would give you a look at what’s been going on in there.  The enclosed stairwell that used to occupy that space has been removed, and a wide, open bridge is being built in its place. 

This new structure will  connect the existing second story space (above the women’s locker room) with the new addition.  Incorporated into this “bridge” will be an open balcony where some additional cardio equipment will be placed.  This area will have a nice view of our soon-to-be expanded weight room, which will be taking over all the space that is/was Studio 2.

In the next few days the plastic tent will be moving a few feet to the east (towards the front of the building) and the remaining portion of the bridge will be built.  This will push the entrance to what remains of Studio 2/Spin to the west.   We won’t be losing any more space, but we will need to re-rearrange some  of the equipment in the weight room.

A remnant from the past

In the process of tearing out the aforementioned stairwell, we uncovered some reminders of our buildings previous incarnations.  When we opened the Club 15 years ago we didn’t have the crisp white ceiling liner we have today, the facing on the insulation underneath was painted.  The ceiling in Studio 2 was a pale lilac color, while the weight room had something that resembled chocolate milk.   Not only were the colors bad, but the insulation was constantly coming unstapled and hanging down.  I’m so glad we got rid of that look!

In a couple of spots we’ve even uncovered evidence of the building’s life “before HealthQuest”.  Long-time Napans will remember it was originally Grossman’s, a hardware store and garden center.  Then it spent a couple of years as Sunrise Building Center.  Behind the walls, protected from our paint, were a few remnants of the Sunrise colors….a bold green and yellow stripe.  Must have been picked by a University of Oregon fan!


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