Closing in on Completion

Tile in the new women’s shower area

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update…lots of stuff going on with the remodel and addition. 

Tile work in the new women’s locker room is entering its third full week.  There’s a full crew of about half a dozen guys working in there and a lot of progress is being made.  The shower walls have been completed, and now they’ve moved on to the floors and ceilings.  They’ve made a big dent in it, but there’s still more to be done…the spa, the steam room, and the accent tiles on the backsplashes.  It’s a huge amount of tile (over 5000 square feet) and it’s going to look fabulous!

Showing off our new colors!




On the exterior the back side of the addition is completed and you can see the colors and materials that will soon clad the entire structure.  We have 3 different stucco colors and the dark gray metal panels up, and eventually there will be a different corrugated metal panel along the front side of the building.  The plain, nondescript box you used to see from the highway is gone forever, and we don’t miss it a bit!

Finish colors are also going into the  upstairs rooms in the addition….lots of tans and grays and some nice accents as well.  The new Spin studio is probably furthest along, and it really looks great!  It’s a big room with high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.  It also has several architectural features that really make it unique.  I’m not going to give away any secrets here, but trust me…it’s going to be a very cool space! 

The bridge that will connect existing to new

Inside the existing building all the framing for the new bridge that will connect our current second floor to the addition has been completed and “unveiled” (the black plastic barrier has been removed).  There’s a widened section that will hold some additional cardio equipment above, and storage space for the weight room below.  We’ve been able to reclaim some of the space we lost while this was being built, and this past weekend we moved some of our abdominal equipment down under the new bridge so we have a little more space for core and stretching upstairs.  Eventually all the cardio equipment that is over the locker rooms will be relocated and that entire space (nearly 1000 square feet) will be available for doing core work and stretching.

The Club’s administrative offices have all been moved over into the space above the locker rooms.  We’ve also outfitted one of these rooms to serve as a temporary home for massage, which will eventually move into the new addition.  Our old offices are currently being torn out to make room for more cardio equipment.  The entire cardio area will also be receiving seismic bracing in the roof joists and the addition of several skylights, so that will be the next spot to see temporary barriers and equipment being shuffled around. 

The target date for opening the addition portion of the building has slipped back a few days, but we’re still aiming for sometime in June.  A lot will depend on things like flooring, lockers and cabinets being delivered on time, but at this point we’re still confident we can achieve this timeline.  Work on the facade, the parking lot and landscaping, and the existing building will carry on into late fall.  But once we have the additional 13,000+ square feet in the additional available for use, we will have endured the most challenging portion of this project.


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