These heavy steel columns are being added for earthquake safety

Trying to keep things running reasonably smoothly during a major remodel is a never-ending challenge.  Every part of the Club, both inside and out,  is being improved or refreshed, and that means that every space in the building will have to be closed for a period of time.  Sometimes, as in the case of the swimming pools, the closure goes on for months.  In other cases the work can be completed in a few days.

Up until now the main weight room has been one of the few spaces inside the existing building that has gone mostly unscathed.  We lost a few mirrors and a couple of pieces of equipment when we built the bridge into the addition, but that’s been about it.  That all changes this week, as we will need to close a large portion of the main weight room floor while we do seismic upgrades to the walls and roof.  Fortunately this is only scheduled to take a couple of days, and we will be able to relocate some equipment into the space we recently created with the removal of what was once Studio 2.

These upgrades consist of two main processes.  The first is adding some additional support and bracing to the ceiling joists.  This will help to tie the entire roof together and prevent collapse in the event of a strong earthquake.  The second and more-visible improvement is the addition of steel columns to the perimeter walls.  This is designed to give the walls additional support and to strengthen the connections between the walls and the roof structure.  With all of the damage from natural disasters we’ve witnessed over the past few years it seemed like it was prudent  to take these extra safety measures.

The work is scheduled to begin tonight (8/01) after we close, when we will relocate all of the dumbbell racks and accompanying benches into the old Studio 2 space.  Then on Tuesday morning we have scheduled the removal of all the wall mirrors.  Tuesday night after we close we will move as much equipment as practical into the Studio 2 space.  Then when we open on Wednesday morning a large section of the existing weight room floor will be closed.  The remaining equipment in that room will be roped off and inaccessible. 

We won’t know  exactly how much equipment we will lose until we start moving things around.  We do know that the bench press area will be unaffected, and as mentioned previously all the dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells will get moved and will be available.  Our plan is to move the power platform, but the squat racks will not be available.  Beyond that we’ll just have to see what happens, but we would estimate that about 50% of the remaining equipment will be off-limits on Wednesday and Thursday.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be moving things back into place starting Thursday evening and be back to normal (except for the mirrors) on Friday.

We know that these  interruptions of service are frustrating, but the kind of wholesale changes that we’re making are impossible otherwise.  The good news this time is that the time period is short, and you’ll also be getting a preview of how much extra space we will be adding to the weight room.  Once the project is complete, the entire space that used to be Studio 2 (nearly 1600 square feet) will be part of the main weight room!


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