Men's showers/spa/steam: "we can rebuild it...we have the technology."

Monday morning work begins on replacing all of the old asphalt curbs and relocating the planters on the north side of the parking lot. We’ve had a temporary reprieve and gotten most of our parking spaces back lately, but we’ll soon be losing all of the spaces out in front of the building. It won’t be quite as bad as when the southern half of the lot was closed, but it will still be crowded at times. You may need to park on the street during busy times. Please remember to stay out of our neighbors parking lots…we don’t want to see anyone get towed!

Work on the parking lot has fallen a little bit behind schedule, so the closure we had planned for the middle of this month has been pushed back. We are now anticipating being closed for repaving sometime around the 1st of September. If all goes according to plan, we will only shut down for 4 days.

Inside the Club we will have a few minor disturbances, but nothing like we’ve experienced for the last few weeks. We have some work to do on the ductwork in the room where the dumbbells are now located. We will also be installing mirrors along the entire length of the south wall in that room. We don’t anticipate that we will need to close the room to do this work, but we may need to move some thing around and there will be a little noise and dust.

The equipment that’s in the original weight room will be staying where it is for several more weeks, so we’ve put up a few mirrors in key spots. There are mirrors that we recycled out of the men’s locker room. They aren’t pretty and they aren’t the perfect size, but they should hold us over until we replace the floors, bring in some additional equipment, and rearrange the space.

Most everything else that’s going on will be happening in areas that are already closed off. The ceiling in the upstairs cardio area has all been taken out. We’re beefing up the roof framing, increasing the air conditioning, putting in skylights, and running all the new wiring to support our updated audio/video systems. When it’s finished it will be repainted and have new flooring that matches the cardio area that’s out in the new addition.

The men’s locker room has been stripped down to the bare studs. The plumber will be in there all week replacing drains and putting in new shower valves. When it’s finished it will feature many of the same upgrades that we included for the ladies. There will be two large glass block windows, a swim suit spinner, a drinking fountain, an additional shower, and a lot more vanity and locker space. There will be a lot more tile and some really nice accents. We’re really looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Out in the lobby area they will be pouring concrete for the footings that will hold up the new 2-story entry structure. This space serves three main purposes. The first is mainly cosmetic—it helps tie all of the exterior elements together and it gives the entry some additional mass and visual impact. Secondly it replaces the existing bridge that now divides the lobby in half. Once you come in through the front doors you’ll be able to see all the way through to the back of the building. Lastly it creates a space to put some cardio equipment that will have a nice view of the Valley’s eastern hills.


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