Lots Happening in Our Lot

"Our Moat"

So have you seen the new moat that we installed along our street frontage?  It’s long, it’s wide, it’s deep and it’s going to hold a lot of water….but it’s not really a moat.  It’s actually going to be refilled with loamy soil and act like a giant sponge when it rains. 

One of the more recent building regulations to take effect requires that rainwater that runs off of any new parking lot has to be “filtered” before it enters the storm drains.  The goal is to keep any fluids that leak out of your car from entering our waterways.  So all the water that flows off of our lot will first enter this basin and be filtered through the soil before it makes its way into the storm drain system.

Our new sidewalk will start here...

Elsewhere in the parking lot almost all of the new curb and gutter is in place.  The final part of the concrete work left to do is the installation of the sidewalks.  As you may remember we didn’t have any sidewalk at all…the parking lot directly abutted our front entry.  In the new design we will have one long continuous ribbon

...and continue all the way to here!

of sidewalk that starts at our northern boundary on California Boulevard, makes its way past both the main entrance and the swim school entrance, and then finally terminates over by the southeast corner of the lap pool.  This should make it much more convenient and also safer to get to and from the building.

Our fledgling forest

It’s always an exciting turning point when you go from tearing stuff out and start putting stuff back in, and we’re just about to that point in the parking lot.  Our new low-profile parking lot lights are going up, and yesterday all of the new trees arrived.  They should start going into the ground soon.  We’ll have three times as many trees as before, and they’ll be better suited for providing shade to the parking stalls.  We’re just going to have to wait a few years! 


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