Men’s Locker Room 2.0

Corian and tile going up in the men's locker room

It’s been a very busy week in the men’s locker room, with a lot of work almost completed.  We expect more of the same next week, and we’re hopeful that we’ll have the guys back where they belong by the middle of the month! 

The new Corian countertops are in, most of the tile is up, all the fixtures are in place, and the new shower and toilet partitions have been installed.  There’s still a lot of painting, grouting, and clean-up to do, so unfortunately things aren’t very photogenic at this point.  I’ve included one picture that shows the tile we used around the vanities….it’s a nice mix of warm grays and browns…definitely a big upgrade over the pink they’ve had to put up with for the past few months!

Unfortunately I don’t think there will be as much of a “WOW” factor for the men as there was for the women when they moved into their new space.  The ladies moved into  a brand new space that was much larger than what they had before.  For the men (right now) it’s essentially the same space and the same layout they used to have, so the change won’t seem quite as dramatic.  Probably the most noticeable upgrade is the big glass-block window by the hot tub.  But once the new space we’re adding to the locker room gets completed and the two “halves” get connected it should have a little more impact.

That’s not to say that the men’s room hasn’t been greatly improved, because it has.  Aside from the much-needed cosmetic changes, we’ve made dozens of upgrades that will make using the locker room a much better experience for our members.  Some of these will be obvious, some a little more subtle, but all were important.  I’ll list a few of them below:

Lots more tile…all walls and corners are now protected

Barrier free…no more swinging door when you enter

Seamless Corian countertops with built-in dispensers

Ceiling hung toilet & shower partitions

Showers will have doors instead of curtains

Recessed drainage mats in the wet areas

Auto flush valves on the urinals

Swim suit dryer

Built-in towel and trash receptacles

Epoxy grout (stain and mildew resistant)

Built-in hand and hair dryers

Once the addition has been completed we’ll also be getting more locker and vanity space, an additional shower, a drinking fountain, and a larger steam room with beautiful porcelain tile.

One upgrade we were not able to make at this time was the replacement of the existing lockers.  The funds we had earmarked for that literally went “down the drain” when we decided to tear out the floors and replace all of the shower drain lines.  The old iron pipes were showing their age, and we felt it was better to be safe than sorry.  It will be relatively easy to replace the lockers at a later date, whereas jack-hammering out our new tile floor would not!

In our planning we were very conscious of creating a better user experience for our members by providing more space and more amenities.  We were equally driven to use materials and design features that would allow us to keep the space looking and performing like new for as long as possible.  We sincerely hope our efforts prove to be successful and that you are pleased with the way it turns out.


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