New glass block window at the men's spa

After a flurry of activity over the past few days, it looks like we’ll be moving the men back into their newly renovated locker room on Monday morning!!!

We often don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone, and after being trapped in the crumbling remains of the old women’s locker room for the past few months, we think the guys are really going to be pleased with what they find.  Although the layout of the space is mostly unchanged (work on expanding this space begins on Monday) virtually everything in it has been replaced or given a complete facelift.

The plumbing and the fixtures are all brand new.  They’ll find sinks with motion-detecting faucets, urinals with automatic flush valves, and showers with pressure-balancing mixing valves.  The toilet and shower partitions are all new, and the showers now have doors instead of curtains.

Look Ma, no hands!

The sauna has been completely renovated and has new benches and a new glass door.  The tile in the spa has all been replaced from the waterline up; the old pool-style coping stones are gone and have been replaced with a porcelain tile edge treatment.  The spa now features accent tile along one complete wall and a big glass-block window on the other wall.  Tile now goes from floor to ceiling in the wet areas of the locker room, and all other walls have a high wainscot of tile.

The vanity area is clean, clutter-free, modern and manly.  Vertical accent tile and tall individual mirrors give the illusion of higher ceilings.  Corian countertops and recessed sinks make cleaning up easier.  Dispensers for soap and shaving gel are mounted under the countertop.  Trash and towel receptacles are housed in maple cabinets.

Spa and sauna operational...steam room coming soon!

We were also able to add some nice conveniences.  The space that used to house the steam room will become part of a wide passageway to the “new” portion of the locker room.  We’ve added a swimsuit dryer and a wall-mounted hair dryer in this space, and once the addition opens there will be a larger steam room, an additional shower, and a drinking fountain

Now that looks like a man's bathroom!

accessible from this space.

While what you see is important, we didn’t ignore the other senses.  We’ll have background music playing and we’ve made improvements to the ventilation system.  There’s now a high-powered hand dryer at the vanity area, and recessed drainage mats outside the showers.

Cost overruns from the shower area (we enlarged and replaced all of the drain lines under the floor) meant we had to forgo new lockers at this point in time.  So the existing lockers were cleaned and repainted.  Over the years we’d had quite a few of them  out of commission, mostly due to the locks jamming in the closed position.  We were able to break all of these open and re-key them, so we should have plenty of space, especially compared to what was in the women’s room.  This will improve even more once we open the additional space, which is slated to hold an additional 60 lockers and two additional

Wouldn't be a locker room without these!


While the locker room looks beautiful on the inside, getting in there is still going to be a little funky.  The new permanent entry is moving west about ten feet, but this spot is still part of the old women’s room.  So in order to make this happen we’ve fabricated  a temporary access point right about where the old locker room door used to be.  It’s not a big deal, the men are just going to have to pass through some temporary walls until the new and the old can be connected.

Over the next two weeks the main focus is going to be getting the bulk of the heavy demolition and rebuilding done in the old women’s locker room.  Once we get through with that, we’ll be able to start using the front door again.  So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get any heavy rain until then!


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