Good-bye cardio theater and hello personal viewing screens!!!

Our remodel is now over 90% complete, and we are rapidly approaching a huge milestone…the re-opening of the front entry and the upstairs cardio deck!!!  Obviously having the front entry back will make getting into the Club much more convenient.   But what really makes this such a pivotal time is that with the elevator and the main cardio area available for use we can finally start using our rooms as intended and begin moving  equipment into its permanent home.

For the past 16 months we’ve been shuffling equipment around, moving it upstairs, downstairs, and in and out of storage.  With that nightmare behind us, we are really looking forward to putting things where they belong and leaving them there for a while.  We’re also counting the days until we can finally put our antiquated Cardio Theater system out to pasture.  If you’ve ever been frustrated with your holiday lights, multiply that by about 20 and you’ll know how we feel about that thing.  That system has taken years off the lives of everyone who has ever had to work on it.

The building has been wired so that we now can install personal viewing screens on each piece of cardio equipment.  This gives users complete control over they’re watching.  These screens will be installed on most of the equipment that will be located in the original part of the building (there are a few pieces that aren’t compatible).  For the present time we are not going to put these screens on the cardio pieces in the addition.  Again some of them are not compatible, and we’ve also had several requests to keep those areas “media free”.  So we’ll start that way and see how it goes.

We’ve created quite a bit of additional space for cardio equipment, so we’ve ordered a nice selection of new pieces.  We’ll be adding a line of treadmills do all the things our present ones do, plus they allow you to walk at a lung-burning incline of 30%!  We’re also adding bikes….a few uprights and a bunch of new recumbents.  The latter feature a new “step-thru” design that makes them much easier to access if you have mobility issues.  Some will have padded arm rests, and all will have personal viewing screens.  We’re also adding a pair of Crossovers; they resemble an elliptical but they allow lateral movement.  This results in a workout that engages more muscle groups and provides great core training.

Speaking of core training, we’ve also ordered a wide selection of new equipment for the weight room.  But that’s another story for another day.  We’ll fill you in on those details in another day or two!


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