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Kinesis Stations

Sometime in early January we’ll be relocating our reception counter to the front of the building where it belongs.  That will allow us to finish up a few minor remodeling projects in the main weight room, and once that’s complete, we’ll be able to start putting our strength areas back together and outfitting them with some new equipment.  

When we took out the old Studio 2/basketball court we added about 1200 square feet to our weight room.  While this certainly gave us considerably more flexibility, deciding how to best allocate this space was a considerable challenge.  We knew that we needed to expand the amount of room we offered for functional training, and that is how most of the additional space was used.  It looks like this has been a popular move, as the number of people using the balls, racks, platforms, and kettlebells seems to be increasing every week.

Hammer Chest Press

Adding new things is relatively painless and always popular; but replacing or eliminating existing equipment is another story entirely.  It seems that even the least-used pieces are inevitably loved by at least a few people.  We also had to make some difficult decisions regarding the allocation of different types of equipment.  Free weights, plate loaded machines, and weight stack machines all have their proponents.  There was no way to give everyone everything they wanted, but in the end we believe we ended up with a wonderful selection that will give our members an unequaled amount of variety.

The layout will remain fairly similar to the way it is currently set up.  The area under the cardio deck will be all free weights and plate-loaded equipment, mostly for legs, shoulders and chest.  The old basketball court will house the dumbbells and a selection of equipment focused on the back and arms.  The main weight room floor will have the functional equipment around the perimeter and a nice circuit of new weight stack machines at its core.

Freemotion Adjustable Cables

It’s in these weight stack machines where you’ll probably notice the biggest changes.  They’re simpler to operate and more comfortable to use.  Most will allow you greater freedom of movement, which in turn makes them more functional and more effective.  Many will allow you to use each arm independently which promotes better balance.  We’re especially excited about the six Kinesis pieces we’re bringing in.  These are the very latest technology–intuitive, simple and natural–they allow full 3D movement and are very unique.  

We’ll also be adding and replacing several pieces of plate-loaded equipment with new Hammer Strength units.  Hammer is very popular amongst athletes, and you’ll find it in the weight rooms of many professional and college sports teams.  We’ll also be installing two of their power racks.  These are the full-size racks with pegs top and bottom, and they also have an adjustable bench that locks into place.  We bought these for their versatility–you can set them up to perform squats, bench press, incline press, or military presses.

Also included in the mix of new equipment will be two different dual adjustable cable units (one wide, one narrow).  With these (and all the attachments that come with them) there’s virtually no limit to the number of different exercises you can do.  To make room for these we will be eliminating some things that we felt were redundant or had limited usefulness.  We wanted to bring in pieces that were versatile, effective, and would appeal to the broadest range of users.

We believe that the mix we’ve selected will offer you a tremendous range of options for your workout.  Our hope is that you will take advantage of the new training technologies and incorporate something fresh into your training regimen.  When new things begin arriving our trainers will be offering several special classes and programs that will show you how to use it to make your workouts more exciting and more effective.   Once you try it we really think you’re going to love it!


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