Everyday We’re Shuffling Shuffling

Perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve had  during our construction project has been the never-ending game of musical chairs we’ve been forced to play.  Big moves, small moves, some lasting only a few hours, others lasting many months, it seems like we’re constantly rearranging something.    Prior to starting the remodel we had about as much equipment packed into the Club as was possible, so when we began losing space to the wrecking ball, finding a spot for everything became impossible.

Unfortunately we didn’t have an excess of storage space to begin with…we were already using an off-site location to house some of our stuff.  So when the remodel began and we found ourselves needing to empty out entire rooms, we were faced with a huge problem.  We had tons of stuff that needed to be relocated…and much of it was a real hassle to move.   Some things had to go away for an extended period of time, while others would need to disappear (for days or months) and then reappear later in another location.

From the beginning we’ve tried to keep as much equipment available to our members for as long as we possibly could, while still staying one step ahead of the construction crew.   From there it would often get complicated…figuring out what could stay, what had to go, and how long until it could be brought back.   For a while we rented a storage trailer that we kept in the parking lot; other things went to an off-site storage unit.   As part of our addition we added a fairly large storage room to the back of the building, but it’s been entirely taken up with construction materials.  And while we did add a significant amount of storage space into the existing building, very little of it is currently available for us to use.  Somehow it worked out that those spaces will be the very last things that get finished!

Lately more and more stuff has found its way into makeshift storage areas scattered throughout the building.  We’ve had an area tarped off in the upstairs weight room for months.  Lockers and other large items have found a temporary home in Studio 1.  Many of our day-to-day supplies have migrated several times lately…they started behind our temporary front desk, then moved into the lobby, and now are residing upstairs in a corner of the cardio deck.  Keeping track of what we have and where it is has been a real challenge.

Thankfully the worst should finally be behind us.   While we will still be closing some areas and moving things around for a few more weeks, from here on out we should be gaining space instead of losing it.  More equipment will be coming out of storage and being placed back in service.  The tile, fixtures, and other building materials that now jam our closets will be taken out and installed.  At long last the end of all the shuffling may finally be in sight!


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