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PLUOY_Facebook Shared_1200x1200     What a nice surprise, an award from Yelp for being one of the top rated businesses in Napa!  I must confess that we don’t keep track of what’s happening on our Yelp page as religiously as we probably should. We don’t get notified when new reviews are posted and without some kind of reminder I just don’t think to look at our account.

For business owners, Yelp has been a bit of a scary proposition. While the ability to get honest feedback about your operation can be invaluable, you’re also aware that just one or two unhappy customers (justified or not) can have an undue amount of influence over your rating and how you are viewed by others.

Yelp gets to pick and choose which reviews show up and count towards your rating and which ones are hidden from view.  This seems a bit odd; some of our lower reviews are from 7-8 years ago (before we remodeled) while many 5 star reviews from this year remain hidden from view on a “not recommended” list.  That doesn’t seem to make much sense, but I guess I should just be happy that we’re trending in the right direction.

Something else that made me very happy was reading the following review that was written by “Michael M.” back in February.  While any good review is much appreciated, his really hit home for me personally.

When HealthQuest came into being back in 1990 we had two primary objectives.   We wanted a facility that would meet the needs of people who took their training seriously, and we wanted to have a friendly atmosphere where anyone would feel comfortable.  The primary reason we’re still here 25 years later is that we never lost sight of those main points, as evidenced by Michael’s review:

I am a gym snob.  I have lifted literally hundreds of tons in dozens of gyms and I do not give good reviews lightly.

The variety of equipment here is incredible.  I have been able to find equipment for any type of workout I could imagine, and it is evident that this is a gym put together by someone who appreciates the finer points of training.

1) They have high quality bars.  Both Olympic bearing with no knurling and several brand new Rogue power bars. They just got a Safety-Squat bar!!! I was so stoked for this…I have never even seen this outside of a University weight room or Professional training center.

2) There is no shortage of clips-I never have to slow down my training to hunt for these

3) Their layout makes geographical as well as functional sense- Olympic lifting is located in a large/open area.  Chest/back are together and Show Muscles are together…in an area with tons of mirrors.  Whether you are there to move weight, or to get your flex on, you are able to do so, without getting in the way of someone who wants to do the opposite.  They even have a “kindler, gentler” noob weight room upstairs as well as a dedicated area for mobilizing/ core work.

The amenities are excellent, but more importantly so is the atmosphere.  Members become friends, and people speak to each other.  This is a very happy place where I feel continuously motivated.

Solid execution, I am a huge fan.

Wow, we appreciate the support Michael!  A big “thank you” also goes out to everyone else who takes the time to write a review, gives us feedback personally, or drops a note in our suggestion box.  We value your opinions greatly and we’re continually trying to find ways to improve what we do.  While we may never find that perfect music channel that everyone will love, we’ll keep trying to make the Club better any in as many ways as we can!


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