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Children are heavier and less fit than they used to be.  No surprise there, it would be hard to come up with a more effective plan than what has occurred over the last 25 years.

The selection of unhealthy foods has skyrocketed.  Portions have ballooned, and cheap, tasty treats are everywhere.  I can remember when Coke came in 8 ounce bottles, and if you needed food you went to the grocery store or sat down in a restaurant.  Now every retailer, from gas station to hardware store, has a selection of junk food.  And if you’re not getting out of your car, that’s OK, there’s a drive-thru just around the corner.

P.E. programs in our schools have been scrapped, and with cable tv and video games there’s more leisure time spent sitting in the house than playing outside.  Less activity, more food, yeah that’s a solid plan for packing on a few extra pounds.

According to many reports, childhood obesity has reached “epidemic” proportions.  They’re saying that this generation may be the first in 200 years to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.  So of course this means that we need to take whatever steps are necessary to reverse this trend.

More and more people are proposing that we treat the obesity problem the same way we dealt with smoking.  We increase the taxes on unhealthy foods so that it encourages people to make better food choices.  Tax Junk Foods, Soda

But there are others that would argue that the problem is being blown out of proportion.  It’s all just another way to increase the size of government.  Are we so weak-willed that we can’t be responsible to make our own food choices?  Is childhood obesity really out of control?   The Epidemic That Wasn\’t

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Fitness Instructors Dinner Party

Well the dinner was delicious, as Gail & Peter put out a huge spread of great food.  Of course the company was wonderful as well; the instructors at HealthQuest are a fun, talented, and interesting  group of people to hang out with.  It was a perfect Napa Valley evening.

But the highlight for many of us was the modeling show put on by one of our hosts.  Way to go, Pete!

Peter models his high school letterman's jacket

Peter models his high school letter-man's jacket


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